AstrologyWhy Astrology is important for home consturction?

29th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the 21st Century, the advancement of technology and science have proven their popularity in several spheres of life. As a result, the ancient traditions and customary processes don’t hold any relevance in today’s world. But the significance of age-old Astrology has been stimulated in any juncture of life. People opt for the assistance of Astrology before any grave and minimal decision.

Home construction or House building is one of the watershed moments in one’s life, that can not be undone or overwritten if it has been inaugurated once. Since Astrology plays a crucial role in House construction, we can not choose to overlook the aspects before we decide to construct a home.

First of all, the land you choose to have your dream home should be consulted with an expert regarding its Graha and Yog. If we don’t stress this primary aspect of home construction, we might face fearful consequences after the house is built.


Why Astrology is important for home consturction

Every land has a story or history behind it. Those lands we choose to make our home have uncountable stories behind them. The soil of the land is always saturated with some memories and Karmas of erstwhile owners, respectively. If we don’t consider this aspect of soil testing, it might result in abrupt mishaps.

When land is acquired to stand a house on it, we should consider the birth chart of the individual who has acquired it. His zodiac sign plays a very important role in house construction.

The concept of Muhurta or Mahurat also plays a very important role. The auspicious moment’s Astrologers decide to suggest you commence your home construction is very meaningful. If we don’t choose an auspicious or favoring time, the rest of the work would fall into the delay.

Sometimes, people start their houses on a positive note. But later the momentum gets slow. Either the owner falls into the trap of resource scarcity or he doesn’t get enough workforce to get the job done. In such scenarios, the importance of Astrology is highly appreciated.

The compatibility between Astrology and Vastu becomes vital when it comes to building a home with Vastu perfection. If we don’t look after the easy and simple nuances of home construction, they might incur a troublesome future for the inhabitants.


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