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26th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The age-old saying “Health is Wealth” impeccably says, in the transient human life, if anything should be taken care of is health. The health of humans is often susceptible to several vulnerabilities. Whether in the afternoon of age or the brightest juvenile morning, the complication of health is so prevalent. It can happen to anyone irrespective of age, gender, and class. Though numerous scientific explanations do exist to substantiate reasons for bad health conditions, yet the astrological aspect can not be trivialized at all.

Even the best astrologers worldwide suggest that one can not deny the role of planets in a person’s life. As soon as the ramification of astrology happened and the concerned humongous study got categorized into tiny apartments, “Health Astrology” as a study gained immense popularity in contemporary times. Health astrology defines the complications of planets in a zodiac sign that results in severe health issues for individuals.

For example, a Cancer ascendant individual is always favored by Jupiter. Jupiter with Moon creates “Gaj Keshari Yog“. This empowers the individual with vigor and health at the same time.
But if the position of Jupiter is in the seventh house, it would create a mess all around, especially of health. Cold and cough would continue to persist in an individual. When there is no planet in the second house, the planet accompanying the lord of the 2nd can kill the native in its Dasha. The 8th house embodies age and life. The placement of the lord of this house needs to be strong enough to produce a long healthful life.


Problems regarding Planets

Sun– If the sun is weak in a zodiac sign, the concerned individual would suffer from low eyesight, heart illness, bines, and bile. To prevent any kind of inconvenience-
Drink a glass of sugar water before leaving home.
Feed black cows frequently.
Donate dark-colored clothes.
Avoid having meat.

Moon– Due to Moon, one would suffer from mind related problems and constant irritation.
Worship your mother to seek her blessing.
Any business related to milk should be avoided.
Donate sweets to young girls.
Don’t cage birds at home. If you have, free them.

Mars– Weaken Mars invites accidents and surgeries. The health problems you might face include loss of blood, abortion, injury, and burns.
Donate sweets in the temple.
Grow a neem tree in the house
Carry a red-colored handkerchief
Donate blood

Mercury– Intelligence issues and memory loss. Neck, voice, and skin can also get affected.
Wash new clothes before you wear them.
Never go for alcohol.
Feed cows before you eat.
Drink water in silver glass.

Jupiter– Problems regarding Liver, Jaundice, obesity, would come if your Jupiter is weak.
Apply sandalwood paste on your forehead.
Help your siblings.
Wear gold jewelry
Use your father’s items, like a pen, watch, or vehicle
Wear a yellow cap or turban.

Venus– Problems in the face, eyesight, kidneys, uterus, and appendix.
Avoid wearing unwashed clothes.
Use desi cow ghee at home.
Keep a piece of silver in your wallet.

Saturn– long-term chronic health issues one might incur. Such as dental issues, problems in the leg, swelling in feet, paralysis, skin problems.
Donte footwear to the needy.
Don’t drink milk at night.
Help the blind on the road.
Fill an earthen pot with honey and bury it under running water.

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