AstrologyAstrology– An Old Science or Much More!

19th December 2018by admin0

Astrology is one of the oldest parts of ancient wisdom. The study of moment of stars, constellations, planets and other celestial objects to predict about human behavior and events is known as Astrology. There are many instances in Indian Ancient Literatures like Mahabharatha where Astrology is subjected as a profound science but do it really holds any validation, is the ask!

Unlike ancient times when the sacred subjects like astrology were restricted to a few family and handful of experts, recent scenarios are flooded with astrologers or self-proclaimed best astrologers in the world. Astrology has always been associated with many modern subjects like Astronomy, medical science, and alchemy. There had been uncountable reports that claim the accuracy of the predictions but there are many that still consider it more of a pseudoscience.

Astrology has its footprint since the evolution of mankind and has been part and interest of scholars from different part of world belonging to different religions. Though it is believed that Astrology is originated and studied in Hindu religion, a closer look at the history undoubtedly proves its relation with Islam, Chinese and East Asian, Egyptians, and Europe.

There have been very famous astrologers and predictions that came out to be exactly true but still astrology is yet to be proven 100% accurate in controlled environment. India, said to be the most active location around the world for astrologers has produced many world best astrologers that have even assisted the modern astronomy assignments. This amalgam of modern technology with vedic wisdom is really as beneficial as it is fascinating.

In the basic terms, Astrology is divided into Vedic (Indian) Astrology and Western Astrology. The basic difference between these two is the importance of signs. The Vedic or Indian Astrologers give more importance to Moon Sign whereas the followers of Western Astrology have much stronger belief in Sun Signs. From a psychological point of view, astrologers can prove to be a great guide and inspire you towards your goal that ultimately results in success for the individual.

Gone are the days when a person has to physically meet an astrologer to get the answers about his future. The recent trend of Online Astrology Consultation is proven to be very time saving and easy for both astrologer and the client. Along with saving the time, it enables you to connect to the world’s best astrologer from any corner of this blue planet without any hassle. The consultation fee is generally wired or paid online and then the consultation happens over call or sometimes a written summary or horoscope report is sent to the client over email.

Sadly, despite of the advancement of process in this ancient wisdom, there has been substantial drop in research and development under this genre. In the current world, where students are more inclined towards engineering, fashion designing and other lucrative career options, it won’t be wrong to say that Astrology is losing its charm! Wait! Being said that, the curiosity of human to know his future will never decrease because this curiosity brings hope and this hope brings strength! So it is now for you to decide, Will you use Astrology as an alternate to your hard work or an assistance and guidance to strengthen your present!

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