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22nd January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the fanciful stories of Indian folklore, the character “Angel” has its significance. Sometimes they are the savior, sometimes she is the protagonist herself. In childhood, these characters have such a deep impact on our minds. We often imagine someone in a fairy white dress and a magical wand in hand coming down to help us in trouble. Well, as we grow up, those fantasies remain in oblivion. We believe in Karma, we work according to that. But we don’t know the belief once we had in our kindergarten days, has some sort of significance in today’s life too! Maybe not the same angel explained by our grandmother, but through an influence and indication for sure.

According to the best Numerology experts in India, when we talk about angelic numbers, we don’t signify the angel herself stepping down to give you a number. But a number that is a conglomeration of fate, good luck, and coincidence.


What are the angelic numbers?

The importance of numbers in our life is vast as an ocean. Starting from the measurement of our height to the temperature of our body, everything is summed up in a specific number. But amidst those numbers, what are the angelic numbers we are yet to understand.


For example, if you get a number 777 as your CVC code in your ATM or you woke up exactly at 5.55 am. Then conclude these are not just coincidences, there has been a hidden power trying to insinuate you something. Yes, when such numbers imply power behind them, then we call those numbers as “Angelic number”


The frequency and strength in those numbers are varied from one to another. Starting from 0 to infinity, numerous numbers can be formed. But numbers with a constant frequency are the numbers with a special power.



The number “111” implies the spotlight of the universe on you. Remember, when you get such a number, for that moment luck is all pouring goodwill on you. You believe that everything on this earth is possible by you, just with the right approach.



This number says a different story. According to the frequency of 2, you won’t get what you desire. But you won’t come back with an empty hand. There is a relentless struggle pre-planned for you and you can not be a fugitive to run away from the battlefield.



This number implies balance in life. It says you are balanced in life. Things would go wrong but those incidents can not shatter your strength. You have a broad vision toward life, enjoy that.



This number says, your giving up at junctures of life is sheer stupidity. Angels are guiding you, trying to soothe the path you have chosen to walk. Such numbers whenever you get, feel that the energy inside you is unstoppable.


There are so many numbers we come across who seem unique but we don’t know through those numbers, the power of destiny trying to connect with us. Maybe trying to convey an unprecedented happening or trying to let us know, the real-time success has arrived.

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