FestivalsAmavasya in 2020: Importance, Dates And Vrat Vidhi

7th November 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Every month we observe the sky without the moon making it look a little dull.

Amavasya, the no moon or the new moon night is considered to be an inauspicious night according to Hindu mythology. It is believed that on this day starting anything new usually does not end well. The most celebrated festival Diwali is also observed on Amavasya.


Amavasya in 2020: Date and Time

November 2020                November 14-15th           Nov  14, 2:18 PM – Nov 15, 10:37 AM

December 2020                 December 14th                Dec 14, 12:44 AM – Dec 14, 9:46 PM


Legends associated with Amavasya :

Somdev or Chandra was married to 27 daughters of Daksha, but he loved Rohini the most. Frustrated by this the other daughters complained about it to their father. Angry Daksha cursed Somdev that he would lose all his charm and beauty. But the world became too dark so Somdev worshipped Lord Shiva to lift this curse. Impressed by him, Shiva Lifted the curse but not entirely. That is why we observe a day every month where the world becomes completely dark.


Significance Of Amavasya :

According to scriptures, it is believed that this day our ancestors and forefathers visit us and if we do not offer them food and prayers, they might get disappointed. Devotees keep a fast on this day to worship Lord Vishnu and ask for him to bless them with happiness, good life, and to keep evil away from their lives. It can also bring peace and help us get rid of our past sins. Several workers also skip work on Amavasya.


Why Amavasya Considered as Inauspicious in Hindu Culture?

It is also believed that on this day all evil powers are at their strongest. Any kind of black magic is also successful on this day. Our body also has several negative effects on this day. Since the day is connected with the moon and the sun, our mind, and soul have a direct impact. Major mood swings and fluctuations in our energies can be noticed.  An imbalance in our thought process can also be seen. Some might lose control while some might become super active, the effect can differ on our minds.

According to the Best Astrologer in India, we can minimize the effect of Amavasya on our mind and soul by following these simple remedies

  • Clean the entire house, so that no waste or unnecessary items are left, as they attract negative energies from the universe.
  • Feed five different types of fruits to a cow, to ensure happiness in your house.
  • Avoid consuming meat, alcohol, or food made out of wheat grains as it is considered inauspicious.
  • If you are facing employment-related problems then you should cut a lemon into four pieces and thrown in four different directions.
  • Feed flour balls to a fish, it helps in getting over small obstructions in life.
  • Do not buy puja items such as incense stick, Diya, etc, as well as do not buy broomstick as it angers God.
  • Our ancestors visit us on Amavasya so they should be offered food, along with raw milk, Gangajal, white flower facing the south direction. A meal with some Kheer can be offered as a charity is kept under a Babol tree or Peepal tree.

There are several other myths related to Amavasya but this was the gist of it all.

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