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Akshay Navmi also is known as Amla Navmi. It is celebrated on the 8th day after Diwali, in the Kartik month. Two days before Dev Uthani/Hariprabodhani Ekadashi. This day is considered to be auspicious among Hindus and Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma are worshipped on this day.

Akshay/Amla Navmi 2020 Date and Mahurat

Date – 23rd November 2020 (Monday)

Puja Mahurat – 06:45 AM to 12:08 PM


Legends associated with Akshay Navmi

 There are several legends associated with this day. One of them says that Amla Navmi marks the beginning of Dwapara Yug, another says that Lord Krishna defeated the Kushmandak monster, which is also a reason why it is a good omen to donate Kushmand on this day. It is also believed that Lord Krishna revolved three different forests before killing the monster, that is why several devotees visit Mathura-Vrindavan on this day.

There is one more story related to this day that state’s that there was a Vaishya who lived in Kashi Nagar, they had no children. So one day a neighbor told Vaishya’s wife to slaughter another child to get their own. His wife got tempted and pushed a girl into a well ever after Vaishya said no to this act. A few days later she got leprosy and the girl’s soul started to torture her. Vaishya told her that the act of slaughter whether it’s of humans or animals is a sin and now she has to go to Ganji and worship God and ask for forgiveness. Following what he said the wife went and worshipped the Gooseberry tree and ate Amla and soon she got rid of her disease. A few years later she was also blessed with a child.


Significance of Amla Navmi

It is believed Amla came into existence when the whole earth was inundated and there was no life so it was formed by Lord Brahma’s tears. The fruit has so many medicinal qualities, it helps in destroying several diseases and keeps us healthy. There is a lot of vitamin C that helps our body to generate cells faster and fight against germs.

According to the best Vastu Experts of India, it is said that Satya Yug was started this day. Offering daan(charity) and doing devotional activities on this day will provide Akshay(prosperity) for a human being, not for just this birth but for many incarnations as well.

The Mathura Vrindavan parikrama on this of Akshaya/Amla Navmi is very significant. It gives you never diminishing moksha.


Rituals and Vidhi For Akshay Navmi

Devotees worship Lord Vishnu along with the Tulsi and gooseberry tree on this day. Mostly the rituals are performed by a woman. They wake up early, take a bath, and wear clean clothes. Then they go and worship an Amla tree.

First, water is offered to the tree and then some milk is added to its roots. After this several worshipping materials are wrapped around the tree with the use of raw cotton or molly round eight. It is also believed performing this puja on this day blesses you and your family with happiness and prosperity.

After the ritual food is served to family and friends while sitting under the tree.

A Brahmin is also offered food along with some Dakshina.


Here are some Vastu tips and remedies for this day

  • Plant a gooseberry tree in the east direction of the house it is believed that it brings positive energy.
  • If you can’t plant a tree then bring a sprig of gooseberry or its leaves, as it brings wealth, fame, and knowledge into our lives.
  • Take bath by mixing amla juice into your bath water, it helps in eliminating the negative energies around you.
  • Charity and services which are listed in the scriptures should be performed as it is considered to bring good fortune in our lives.
  • Working against the scriptures or performing any sin will bring severe consequences.
  • Since Brahma Ji resides in the lower part, Vishnu Ji in the middle, and Shiva in the stem of the Amla tree, it is considered good if you wrap a thread around the tree along with your mate. It brings strength to the relationship.
  • An aarti can also be performed to give more power to your relationship.
  • In some states like Orissa, the marriage of Tulsi and Hari is performed along with Jagadharti pooja on this day.


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