AstrologyAbhijit Nakshatra : What’s Special About This Nakshatra?

22nd December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

The brother of all Nakshatras is Abhijit Nakshatra and its lord is ‘Mercury‘, Abhijit means “Victorious” or “the one who cannot be defeated”, Abhijit Nakshatra begins from the last quarter of Uttarashada and ends at the first 1/15th segment of Shravana. The Horsehead is used to represent Abhijit Nakshatra.


Qualities, Naming letter, Lucky number, Dosha, Ruling deity, Lucky color of Abhijit Nakshatra born people

  • People coming under this nakshatra are very sharp, influential, and have a magnanimous personality.
  • The Lucky letters of this Nakshatra are J & K.
  • The Nakshatra Number is 28 and the color is Brownish Yellow.
  • Gana associated with this nakshatra is Deva.
  • The Ruling Deity of this Nakshatra is Brahma.
  • The Bird representing this Nakshatra is the Hamsa (Swan)



Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics for Male

Males born in Abhijit Nakshatra are very affectionate, soft-spoken, kind, positive, intelligent, and honest in nature. They never get discouraged by obstructions rather become ever more determined to overcome them.

As far as their profession is concerned they can excel in any field and get a lot of name and fame in the profession that they choose, they are also inclined towards research work.

They might get married around the age of 23 and will have many children as well but will be unfortunate to lose some children due to untimely demise.

They may face certain health problems such as piles, or jaundice but will overcome them.


Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics for Female

Females born in Abhijit Nakshatra are good, compassionate, large-hearted, mature, and very skilled. They are very impartial and never judge others by power, position, or wealth that they own.

As far as their profession they are very intelligent and possess many skills and will be attaining great name, fame, money, and power.

They don’t believe in the idea of marriage due to certain negative impressions that they observed in their childhood however the one who gets married in the late ’20s enjoys a smooth and happy married life.

Their health is likely to be very delicate at the age of 18 and the ailments that she may suffer from are whooping cough, rheumatism, arthritis, or skin diseases however after they cross the age of 18 they will be enjoying good health for most of her life.


More about Abhijit Nakshatra

This is not a regular star like the other 27 stars, one can call it an invisible star.

The moon has 27 wives who are daughters of Daksha Prajapathi and Panchajani, these 27 sisters had only one brother and that brother is Abhijit Nakshatra, the only time Abhijit is used is for Muhurta as Abhijit is one of the auspicious time for doing any auspicious activity and it also represents the eye of the zodiac.

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna said that He was Shiva among Rudras; He was Arjuna among Pandava and He was Abhijit among Nakshatra Classical Vedic texts.



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