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11th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti special

In the constellation of humanity, he is eulogized as a champion. He is the redefined intent of ethics, He is a renaissance of spirituality. May the cosmos collapse in sheer disaster, but the Billboard of his magnanimous name won’t vanquish into oblivion, his eloquence would croon in the air to tell the tales of emancipation.


Swami Vivekananda, a mystic, philosopher, orator, and a human of utmost morality was born on 12th January of 1863. In his inspiring life, Swamiji, not only glorified the values and morals of India but also endeavored to synthesize it with the standards of the western world.


His profound articulateness in Chicago convocation made everyone realize, values that Indians inherit, not only inspire the perishing humanity but also invigorates the universal fraternity in a larger perspective. Swamiji had an insatiable inclination for Sports. He always insisted youth to indulge in sports activities. He envisioned that sports encourage the competitive spirit and equally enhances sportsmanship in an individual.



Vivekananda’s concept of “ Vasudeva Kutumbakam” upholds a significant place in the history of mankind. He never segregated nations on the rationale of ideologies, rather strived to combine them on mutuality.


Vivekananda stressed upon the soul of an individual. His approach towards the goal was unique and noble. He never asked to opt for a path of wrongful doing to achieve the goal. He asked the individual to introspect the soul frequently before it engulfed by evil.


The values, ethics, and morality Vivekananda preached to us through his incredible insight and sagaciousness have a tremendous effect to heal the world. The only thing that awaits to accomplish, we individuals need to work on it. He spoke for the truth, reality, and facts. We as humans need to see exactly what he paved for us. We need to embrace the honesty he preached to us, not the evil around who trying constantly to dilapidate our inner truth…

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