Astrology12 Chinese Zodiac Signs : Which One Is You?

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 a pig

Pigs are known to have a great level of concentration, once they set their goals, they devote all their energy to achieve them.
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Pigs are extremely generous and compassionate, they are the one who has a great level of concentration all they need to do is set a goal that they need to achieve, they are very helpful.
Even in an argument pigs know how to maintain calm, they do not outburst, they know how to handle things properly and carefully. They also have a great sense of responsibility to finish the work they are assigned.
On the negative side, pigs can be easily manipulated and fooled, they can get impatient and can get irritable at times too.

Compatible signs – Rabbit, Goat, Tiger
Lucky number-2, 5, 8
Lucky Colour– Yellow, Gray, Brown, Gold
Suitable Careers– Doctors, caterers, interior decorators, entertainers, nurse.



a dog

Dogs are most loyal and honest for the people who are important to them, dogs do not tend to seek any dishonest gains from others for the benefit if their own, they are very reliable and understanding as well.
They are committed people, very intelligent, constructive, and are always ready to help others. They are brave and can deal with tough situations very easily especially in financial issues.
On the negative side dogs can be very selfish and self-centered, they can be rude at times as well and stubborn too.

Compatible signs – Rabbit
Lucky number-3, 4, 9
Lucky Colour– Green, Red, Purple
Suitable Careers– Interior Designer, judge, priest, clerk, professor, nurse, counselor.



a rooster

Roosters are very active in nature, will always be full of enthusiasm. They are frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals in both their personal and professional life.
They are lovely, beautiful, and always like to enter the spotlight and impress everyone with their charm, they are the happiest, funny people to be with when it comes to parties and social gatherings. They are brave, determined, and hardworking.
On the negative side, they can sometimes become overconfident and might get unstable in situations at times.

Compatible signs – Snake, Ox
Lucky number– 5,7,8
Lucky Colour– Gold, Brown, Yellow
Suitable Careers– Farmer, surgeon, soldier, athlete, restaurant owner, dentist, a police officer.




a monkey

Monkeys are naughty but very intelligent and crafty, they learn very fast and have an extremely adaptable nature in all the situations making them very dynamic.
Monkeys are very adventurous in nature and have very strong self-esteem too, they are fearless and never walk away from difficult situations. They are highly ambitious and always work hard in achieving their goals.
On the negative side, they can be irritable at times and are very stubborn, they just want what they want type of attitude.
Compatible signs – Rabbit, Ox
Lucky number– 4,9
Lucky Colour– Gold, White, Blue
Suitable Careers– Banking, accounting, film directing, sales, stock market trading



a goat

Goats are believed to be extremely shy yet strong and very sympathetic in nature, although they are gentle on the surface but are tough on the inside, have strong instincts as well.
They love to spend on fashionable things but will never show off about it that makes them really down to earth, they are frank and honest.
Goats are so helpful that they even sacrifice their own interests for others.
On the negative side, they can sometimes become a bit stubborn.
Compatible signs – Rabbit, horse, pig
Lucky number– 2,7
Lucky Colour– Brown, red-purple
Suitable Careers– actor, pediatrician, editor, daycare teacher, musician, interior designer



a horse

Horses always love to be in the crowd, they can usually be seen on occasions like concerts, parties, events, etc. They love to take the center stage and delight their audience every time.
Horses are very clever and intelligent, they are extremely reliable as they do all of their tasks on time and very sincerely, they are very straightforward yet kind and are always ready to help other no matter what.
Compatible signs – Goat, Tiger
Lucky number– 2,3,7
Lucky Colour-yellow and green
Suitable Careers– Language instructor, publicist, translator, performer, pilot



a snake

Snakes are really mysterious, and one can never judge what is going on in the mind of a snake, they act and react only according to the way they see and perceive things and known to be great thinkers of all, their intuitive power is really strong and is mostly correct, and it becomes of huge benefit to them if they trust their instincts on time.
Snakes also represent the symbol of wisdom and they are also known to be great communicators, though they speak little but whatever they speak is completely crisp and relevant and makes their point clear to others. They are clever, smart and make a good leader also
On the negative side snakes have the habit to isolate themselves from time to time and abandon everyone around them, also they get stressed and irritated very easily which affects their work-life too.
Compatible signs – Dragon, Rooster
Lucky number– 2,8,9
Lucky Colour– Black, Red, Yellow
Suitable Careers– Analyst, scientist, sociologist, astrologer, investigator, jeweler, dietician



a dragon

Dragons are one the most vital and powerful beasts out of all Chinese zodiac signs, they have a great level of courage and are known to be extremely intelligent and confident.
They are highly enthusiastic and never get afraid of taking up any challenges and are always willing to take the risk which makes them grab the best opportunity at the right time.
Dragons are really smart and ambitious people and work really hard to achieve their dreams.
On the negative side dragons sometimes can be really aggressive and are not open to any sort of criticism and the worst part is that even though they get insulting they never realize it and always believe that they are in a smooth flow only, they might emotionally lack a bit when it comes to relationships.
Compatible signs – Rat, Tiger, Snake
Lucky number– 1, 6, 7
Lucky Colour– Gold, Silver, White, Grayish
Suitable Careers-Teacher, lawyer, journalist, engineer, architect, broker



a rabbit

Rabbits are really very elegant, kind, patient and extremely responsible, they never run away from the work or task assigned to him, always complete their work on time that makes them to be very sincere also.
They treat people in a very polite manner and never disrespect anybody.
They tend to have a really pretty and demure appearance.
As they are extremely faithful that makes them really an honest partner in terms of the relationship.
On the negative side, they are very cautious and conservative due to which they may miss good opportunities, they also might be overly-discreet and have a tendency to escape reality.

Compatible signs – Rat, Goat, Monkey, Dog, Pig
Lucky number– 3,4,6
Lucky Colour– Blue, Red, Pink, Purple
Suitable Careers– Painting, Calligraphy, tailoring, cooking



a tiger

Tigers besides being brave and confident, are also highly competitive.
Tigers can express themselves boldly which makes them an extrovert, they are known to be very authoritative and they never go back on what they say. Apart from this they are very charming and are able to deal with all complex situations even if they are not prepared to do so that makes them really confident and strong.
Tigers are highly adventurous and love to travel and explore new things and are full of enthusiasm.
On the negative side, tigers can sometimes be irritable, impetuous, stubborn, and can get overindulged in things and have poor self-control as well.
Compatible signs – Dragon, Horse, Pig
Lucky number– 1,3,4
Lucky Colour– Blue, Gray, Orange
Suitable Careers– Travel agent, artist, writer, comedian, advertising agent, manager, musician

Mention below your birth year to know your Chinese zodiac



an ox

An Ox is someone who is very faithful, dedicated, and determined be it in their personal relationship or professional that makes them highly successful as well.
An Ox is known to be strongly patriotic and has huge ambitions in life, they are solely attached to their family and work and give huge importance to them.
They have a great level of patience and are not easily influenced by others, they consider everyone’s advice but follow on what they tend to believe in, and before taking any action they go through all the repercussions of their decision and then make a choice.
On the negative side they lack communication skills, and are unable to clearly express their opinion to other people, they are very stubborn as well and stick to their own ways of living and doing things no matter whether it is right or wrong.
Compatible signs – Rat, monkey, and rooster
Lucky number– 1,4
Lucky Colour– White, Yellow, Green
Suitable Careers– Agriculture, pharmacy, interior design, politics, artistry, engineering, real-estate



a mouse

Rats are known to be very independent and are capable to do and deal with every situation on their own, they are very smart, self-confident, talented, and also are a good leader as they have a great sense of teamwork.
As Rats are really honest, flexible, and serious makes them really dedicated in their personal and professional relationships.
Rats are very talkative that makes them an extrovert, they have a strong sense of self-awareness and are known to be very wise.
On the negative side they are short-tempered, get easily jealous and very strict upon themselves, and even sometimes lack courage.
Compatible signs – Ox, Rabbit, Dragon
Lucky number– 2,3
Lucky Colour– Blue, Gold, Green
Suitable Careers– Manager, entrepreneur, musician, writer, researcher, lawyer, director

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