Virgo Monthly Forecast

AUG 23-SEP 22

August 2020 would be full of happy situations. Though things were affected due to Covid-19, there are many fruitful opportunities ahead, but a proper retrospection before making major decisions may prove to be rational. You might get many chances in earning profits in business. Patience and positive approach would get you earn appreciation and good results


Money flow would be confusing. Try to be conventional and practical in your financial decisions. There are chances of good decisions within financial partners, there will be profit out of it. You might have gains from investments in trades and businesses.


This month may bring in your life partner. There are chances of conflicts with the spouse and love partners. Though there are possibilities of getting new love interests too, sitting back and waiting for the right time would lead you to better situations. The bitterness can be balanced only by care and attention.


Time for complete investment in work for better outcomes. Being confident in work may lead to prosperous opportunities. Lack of clarity may affect the situations a bit, however staying vigilant and prompt would save the day. Understand the circumstances around you patiently and act accordingly.


Health would be good and sound. Look after your diet and fitness to avoid future problems. Ensure that you avoid unnecessary fatigue and stress.

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