Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

October 2020 seems to be having a wide range of outcomes depending on what your actions will be. This month seems to be prosperous as a result of you working hard on both your personal and professional relations. You might not want to get distracted of your focus, it is a crucial month ahead. Not losing the hard earned patience would be the key for you.


Financially this month appears to be bringing in a lot of money. Though it will be up to you if you want to work smart to manage it or not. Try to invest your money on your most trusted assets. Be aware of your expenditure and keep check on it. High end expenses will be very easily met.


The vacancy you have always felt will be filled soon. There is a potential chance of meeting “the person”. Try to be more accommodative and less difficult. There are high chances of getting into a stable relationship. Try and be the wiser person if you have to be.


It will be a mundane sort of month no big surprises or anything for you. Your hard work and years of investment might pay up if you are smart enough, to act quick. Chances might be lurking somewhere around you try to be a predator and grab them, make good use of them.


Keep good check of your health in times like this. You seem to have a higher risk of meeting with a health issue. Try and avoid going out as much as you can. Your body might feel a bit exhausted. Try to not overthink about things. Meditation will bring the required balance.

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