Scorpio Monthly Forecast

OCT 23-NOV 21

August 2020 would prove to be of fruitful nature. There are predictions of progress in personal life that would bring you satisfaction, and growth in professional life, which was lacking due to Covid-19, that would boost your confidence. By investing continued efforts and hard work, you can expect boosting results. You may have to be careful while handling family matters


This would prove to be a sound and stable time when it comes to money. Hard work would earn you good enough to run the normal expenses smoothly. However, you may need to keep a check on your expenditure. This is not the best time to indulge in risky investments and speculations. Well-planned structure would help you maintain the monetary balance.


You may have to be careful while handling matters with your spouse. Dealing the situation with patience would help you solve issues smoothly. You may also face friction in relationships within your family. Being wise with words is the best option out. There are chances of separation between partners which may lead to further strain in relationship.


This time would prove to be full of promises and opportunities. Sense the pattern and utilize it to be better. If you make rational alterations, you might meet promising opportunities. You may get chance to prove your worth and your strengths.


Health status would be average during this month. Hence you should stick to proper diet and exercise regularly. Do not indulge into unnecessary stress inducing situations. Give your body proper rest.

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