Sagittarius Monthly Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21

In October 2020 you might be the one in charge and many responsibilities will be bestowed upon you. They can be discrepancies in professional life. Do not surrender your independence and strong will to collaboration and compromise. Trying to get a hold on meaning of certain situations might put you into a lot of uncertainty. Taking time out for your personal needs will prove to be a difficult task. Meet challenges with confidence.


Work hard this month as much as you can to see a rise in your monthly financial inflow. There will be an a brilliant opportunity somewhere in the middle of the month to help you gain some good cash. Profit earned this month will add on to strengthen your financial stability. No majorly expensive expenditure is forseen. You will be successful in saving money for the safety of your own future as well as your family.


Single people might find life partners who may be older than them. Stress may be caused due to a family related issue. You might go for a lovely date and spend quality time. Pressure on people in committed relationship to get married. You might be the one to stall the wedding due to some reason or the other. Be calm and mature while handling issues instead of being aggressive.


Can be a demanding and difficult month, for people in various businesses. You might face obstacles on the way to increase sales and profits. The market this month is very competitive. Salaried employees will be brimming with zest and enthusiasm throughout the month, making them being committed to improve their overall performance and providing more output.


No crucial health problems evident but you might catch normal flu and fever. Be careful towards the issues related to your health this month try to not look over any slightest physical discomfort. Visit physician immediately in case of discomfort. Refrain from eating street side junk food and avoid late night heavy dinner.

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