Pisces Monthly Forecast

FEB 19-MAR 20

August 2020 might prove to be a confusing one. You may have to show courage and confidence to achieve what you have been investing your efforts into. This would be a good time to devote yourself in proving your worth in your vocations. There may be an increase in social connections, hence you must be prepared with necessary measures against the pandemic. Think thoroughly before making new investments.


There will be average growth in monetary flow. However, this may prove to be an opportunity to save for your future endeavors. If you invest hardwork and dedication, you may be able to resolve the monetary issue. You will have a chance to retrospect and review your financial investments,which you made during covid-19.


You may look forward to emotional conflicts and slight inconveniences in your relationships. Lack of communication may lead to problems. If you alter your behavior towards your spouse or your love interest, and become more compassionate and caring, you may expect good results. There may be delays in marriages and other such proposals.


If you have been considering job changes, this would be the most beneficial time. A positive attitude and an open outlook would help you achieve your goals. There are chances of new trading opportunities. Working with determination and self confidence would help you portray your skills and perform to the best of your efficiency.


Look forward to a fit health during this period. However, do not forget to keep yourself active, and maintain a good diet and regular exercise. Take necessary measures to improve your immunity and stay safe in the pandemic. You may also incorporate meditation to enhance serenity.

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