Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

August 2020 might not prove to be the most comfortable one. You may face ups and downs and situations that might provoke you . There may be serious changes in friendship, and your business profits may get delayed. You may have to exercise extra patience and calm yourself down, time to time. Work with self confidence.


Money flow may be average, but sufficient to meet the expenses. You may have to be cautious regarding your financial investments, and not make commitments to anything or anybody. Pay close attention to your expenditure, especially personal needs, and use money wisely amidst situation of Covid-19. You will have the monetary support from family.


In the domain of love, this month would be smooth, but just so. Use words wisely to avoid conflicts. New love interest may enter your life and the existing ones would flourish. You may consider taking your existing relationships to the next level during this month. Do not try to dominate your spouse, for it may lead to friction.


This month might not be the most prosperous one career wise. There may be chances of losing the job or being downgraded. However you can expect some progress after putting your hardwork and dedication into the act. It is advisable to undertake all the tasks assigned with utmost sincerity and care. Be in the positive frame of mind, and take rational decisions which would lead you to a beneficial front.


You will have the moderate picture of health this month. Any chronic ailments may have a chance of subsiding. Maintaining a well balanced diet and regular exercise would encourage a positive attitude and reduce stress. You may consider meditating to manage your moods.

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