Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19

October 2020 might come with confusions of all sorts. To grab a hold of the achievement you have been working hard for, be confident and courageous. It’s time to prove your worth in your respective vocation. There is a high chance of a rise in social connections, take preventive measures against the pandemic. Investments, if done should be very well analysed.


Your finances will need attention as you might meet a crisis. Main reason for this would be your growing expenses. Try and not get lured by rich quick schemes. If you seek a loan for some personal reasons this time seems just about right. Steer clear of share market there are very minimal chances of return. You will be able to make up for past losses if, in the field of real state.


If in a serious relationship you will be constantly pressurized by your elders to get married. Some of you might grab the open opportunity this month to introduce your relationship to the family. You can totally rely on your instincts and subconscious to guide you towards the right path. Do not be a closed book try and open up to someone.


Out of the box thinking will pay up immensely. Try to re – formulate strategies intelligently, this will boost the sales figure. Refrain from making use of any unethical means of earning quick in a short time. Despite your hard work you might not get the desired result in the time period you evaluated. Push yourself to achieve the results you seek heartly.


You might suffer from few annoying health problems throughout the month. Pregnant women need to be extra cautious and go for regular checkups. Elderly people might finally get some relief from an ongoing long health issue. Do not try to con your diet chart it will affect your losing weight, resulting in gaining few pounds.

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