Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

This would be a month full of mixed experiences, good and not so good. Your day to day activities and interests would impress people and make them join their hands with you. You might need to handle the matters of love with utmost care and caution. You may have conflicts with siblings hence you need to harness patience. August 2020 would test your strengths.


This month, your monetary situation would be ordinary. You will have positive financial investments but might not gain returns immediately due to Covid-19 situation. You will be able to mend the defects in your current policies and increase the money flow. However taking proper decisions, with confidence from family will be fruitful. Think twice before indulging in activities that involve finance.



Love life as well as marital life would be in balance and harmony. There may arise minor inconveniences, but handling them with patience and care would suffice. You may have a chance of spending memorable time with your spouse. Your sixth sense would guide you into new love interest and relationships.


You will have satisfying time in your professional life.  You may have to undertake additional responsibilities, but being confident and dedicated would give you good results. The workspace would be peaceful and harmonious, however additional workload may lead you into minor conflicts. Therefore you may have to stand your guard up against negative emotions. Try to be attentive and concentrate on your work.


You may face stress and fatigue because of the workload, therefore you must make a point give yourself proper rest. You should maintain your diet and exercise regularly to stay fit. Meditation may help you cope up with mental fatigue.

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