Capricorn Monthly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

October 2020 is good for you and you will have some positive development in your life. You will be laced with creativity and enthusiasm. Your interest in your life will be suddenly boosted 10 folds. Keep in mind what and where are you getting in, do not blindly trust people. Avoid being overconfident. Try to identify opportunity earlier, timely and respond accordingly. You may at times prefer to be isolated to rejuvenate yourself.


The month will prove to be good for you financially. This month will help you grow financially in a steady manner. You are likely to be more focused on the avenues to earn. Most of the earnings this month will be through self generated activity. Financial stability will bring you pride and recognition.


It will prove to be a successful and auspicious month for love related matters. The relationship that has been prevailing since long will get more strengthened, with both the confidence and support as always. Love will form a base for your mental and emotional strengthening. You will enjoy sharing precious moments and understanding with each other.


A favourable month for career and personal growth. Ideal month for business and self – development. You will see continuous progress in all walks of life which may be elevating your social standard. Some of the projects that were being delayed by you will finally be completed.


You are likely to feel mentally stressed out. You need to learn how to control it. Continuous anxiety regarding your future has made you fret, taking down your immunity. Your disciplined and dedicated approach towards recovery will be helpful. No sign of any big health issues.

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