Cancer Monthly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

October 2020 might prove to be a month filled with confusions and misunderstandings. Higher chances of getting into arguments with friends and family. Try to indulge in some spiritual refining during the month. No matter how big a misunderstanding, you have to maintain a calm and composed deamenour. Family’s health should be at your priority.


There won’t be any financial issues. Though you may face difficulties due to stuck money but eventually it will all worth it. Investment into any venture should be evaluated till you are very sure about them. Your family will have your back financially. With money comes the responsibility to spend it wisely, keep that in mind.


A month well spent with your partner. It is a very peaceful and smooth month for your love life. Try to be flexible for your family matters. It has been an effortless relationship by far, trying to put effort will only make it more beautiful.


Your long done hard work and effort will finally resurface as a success well cherished. There might be some friction between you and colleagues at work. Being tenacious and obliging will be helpful. Try to avoid getting into a joint venture. Cross-examine every detail before submitting any project.


Give your health extra priority in the month of October 2020. Try and avoid the issues that cause stress. Healthy lifestyle maintained will be beneficial. Yoga incorporated into your routine will keep you calm. Meditation should be a must to be at peace in times like these.

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