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19th February 2019by admin0

Once the students complete their secondary and post-secondary school, they are all confused with one very important question ‘Which profession to choose?’. Their choices are influenced by so many people in their life such as parents, friends, teachers, exam results and assessments, work experiences and job experiences.

Parental influence is one very strong influence which can be both positive and negative. But sometimes, this influence could pose problem because they may suppress their true wishes for the sake of their family and end up with career dis-satisfaction.

In order to establish one’s personal occupational life paths, it is important to achieve a clear understanding about our likes dis-likes & potential capabilities. Only then we will be able to proceed to reach our goals. In these scenarios, talking to an expert career counsellor would be the best option. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” by Confucius.

Professional career guidance and counselling by an expert can actually help individuals in realising their aspirations. Vishal Bhardwaj and expert career counsellor at Predictions for success provide lifelong guidance to students so as to develop their career management skills like professional and effective communication, time management, critical thinking, etc. Such skills will help them in adapting a right career path for them.

We are living in a technological era where information on career, education, is readily available at a click of a button. There are several career guidance tools and tests available but keep in mind that these are in no way a replacement of an expert & professional career guidance and counsellor. All this can bring positive change in the life of individuals, particularly for those who are in danger of exclusion.

Career guidance and counsellor will also be useful for those who are disadvantaged, young people disengaged from education and the unemployed one. Hence, our well-coordinated guidance and counselling can generate coherence of training, education, and employbility support, and most importantly, clarifies all the issues of the students.

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