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21st August 2020by Shubham Agarwal0

Feng Shui practices are considered auspicious for various domains in life since an ancient time. One of the powerful aspects of Feng Shui is balancing the vibrations of the house through various paintings.

It consists of combination of energies with five elements, consisting of fire, earth, wood, water and metal.

  • Fire represents passion, energy and transformation.

Paintings that signify fire are pheonixes, fireplaces, bonfires, etc. Colors of warm nature, such as red, orange, pink and yellow represent fire. 

  • Earth represents strength and balance.

Paintings of mountains, rocks, pottery and books symbolise element Earth.

Colors for this element are brown, beige, grey and other muted colors.

  • Water represents flow of money and success.

Paintings of flowing rivers, waterfalls, and ocean signify element water.

Colors such as blue, ocean green, navy blue and royal blue are colors of water.

  • Wood is the element of inspiration, motivation and creativity.

Paintings of forests, trees, wooden objects and wood represent the element.

Colors such as brown, green, lime and mahogany depict the nature of wood.

  • Metal is symbolic of strength and intellect.

Paintings of buildings, metallic objects, horseshoes and metal artifacts represent this element.

Colors for this element are grey, silver and black.


Proper use of these elements and incorporation of these in designing your house through paintings brings in good energy, strength and positive vibrations. It harnesses the energies of these elements and work in bringing success, wealth, prosperity and well-being of the family in all domains of life.


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