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Astrology and foreign settlements

In the rush of life to achieve everything, foreign settlement or trip to foreign has always been on the top of our list. We always fantasize about the exotic places in the faraway land but have been dubious about it.

The reason could be anything like career, higher education, job settlement, better opportunities abroad or marriage to a person from foreign land.

Leaving mother land to permanently settle in a foreign country is always a significant decision. It not just only stumbles upon the question of money but also the future of next generation.

Vital decisions like these should be consulted before taking any steps further. And in that scenario you can reach out to Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Dehradun at

Many people pop up the questions like-

– What is the best time to settle abroad?

– Will I be able to go to Foreign?

– Which country should I settle in?

– Will the country be fruitful for me?

Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Dehradun has solved even more queries than are listed above.

The twelfth astrological house or the last house of Vedic astrology is the house of foreign settlements. Houses of astrology are the quadrants indicating different aspects of life. There are 12 houses in astrology. The houses of astrology are called bhavas in hindi.

For more knowledge about houses of astrology you can refer our blog ‘houses of astrology’ on our website.

In astrology, it is not just the twelfth house which shows the possibility of foreign settlement rather different combinations of astrological houses can also result in the chances of settling or travelling abroad. The houses of astrology impact each other for the possibilities and happening of the occurrence of a circumstance. The houses of astrology are shown on our birth chart.

For the best study and consultation on your birth chart and queries about foreign settlement you can consult Shweta Bhardwaj , the best astrologer of Dehradun.

Other than the twelfth house of astrology there are other major houses whose significance for the state of foreign settlement cannot be ignored are-

  • Fourth house of astrology – This house represents the roots of motherland and the basic studies of an individual.
  • Ninth house of astrology – This is the house which indicates the long distance travel or overseas travel by a person.

What can be done to improve the odds of settling abroad?

Here are some of the tips by the expert-

  • After the morning prayer offer jal(water) to sun and peepal tree as it would help in reducing hurdles in your pathway.
  • It is also advised feeding fishes with wheat flour balls would bring success if done specifically on Monday or Wednesday.
  • One can also observe fast on some specific days like Monday or Thursday for the fulfillment of desires and for purification of soul.
  • If there are any hindrances following your way you should keep an idol of Lord Ganesha and worship him daily.
  • An individual can also start the routine of feeding banana to cow especially on every Thursday.

When any of the house or the combination of astrological house shows the strong indication implementing the prospect of foreign land then it is said to be prosperous and auspicious.

In cases of doubt and suspect the person can always consult Shweta Bhardwaj, the best astrologer in Dehradun. Shweta bhardwaj is a certified astrologer and numerologist at

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