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The journey that started with emerging industry leaders in 2014 is now a synonym of Reengineered Spirituality. PredictionsForSuccess is a renowned startup with a team of 25 + talented professionals working on an innovative platform that will provide end-to-end spiritual solutions along with wide range of products and services.

Now, a part of the U.S giant- OmniPro Partners and Limited, we are thrilled to start the ecommerce and mobile app platform where end user can book a spiritual service without any hassle of searching the shops for required items or pleasing an expert for the visit. Our vision is highly appreciated by the international media houses like The Economics Times, Quint, The Digest, Linkedin Global and many more.

We are also proud to be announced as Business of the Year award of the category for 2018 and 2019 by independent international survey company ThreeBestRated. Currently serving more than 10,000 clients across 65+ countries, we are very excited to onboard new talent in our organization to achieve new heights of success together.

Certified Astrologer and NumerologistShweta

"The Flying Bird"

Shweta is a women entrepreneur and social activist. Started the career by working popular IT giants, Shweta followed her passion and has been occult science professional since 2012. Shweta has done Masters in Computer Science and later completed her certification for Astrology and Numerology from internationally acknowledged institutes. During her leisure time, Shweta loves to cook and travel places. Shweta is also a very active social activist and life motivator.


Certified Vastu and Relationship ExpertVishal

"The Engineer Babu"

A Data Scientist by profession and an aspiring fiction writer by passion, Vishal is the powerhouse for Predictions For Success. An engineering graduate from Kurukshetra University, Vishal comes with extensive experience in data science and business consulting with the top-notch business alliances like Wipro, Mahindra, Fiserv and so on. Vishal is also working on his upcoming fiction novel “Engineer By Mistake” that would be on shelves very soon. Vishal take care of Vastu Shashtra, Relationship Counselling (Numerology) and creative aspects for Predictions for Success. You can find him exploring new food joints or enjoying long drives with his friends and family.

Web Application DeveloperAditya

"The Code Builder"

A super fun coding maniac, pursuing his love for website development and maintenance has led him do great work behind the online presence of PredictionsForSuccess. Apart from development, Aditya has a passion towards presales and recruitment. With an enormous potential in all dimensions, he is the all-rounder of our organization. He works with the motto “When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.”

When not on desk, he can be found volunteering for the social causes. Aditya is definitely a dog lover.

Graphics and UI/UX DesignerShubham

"The Hulk Designer"

Shubham a seasoned graphic designer and video editor by profession and gym freak by passion. Shubham loves to take new ventures for the thrill and adventures in his life. Fitness obsession is inherent in his genes. Shubham is very conscious about his diet and fitness. All the creativity that you see in the website is crafted by him for predictions for success.

Business DeveloperJyunali

“The Budding Writer”

Jyunali is a passionate writer. A commerce background scholar is diverse in her hobbies and interests. She brings her creativity in her work and interests. When not typing the content she can be spotted exploring places and meeting new people. She likes writing poetry and creating art in her free time. She’s an exceptional sales advisor.

Content DeveloperPriyotsana

"The Supercharge Spirit Player"

Priyotsana is a self-motivated team lead with impeccable communication expertise. She is a Master of Technology from India’s most reputed institution. Apart from indulging in content editing, she loves to go out and enjoy socializing with people. She is a true motivator and keeps uplifting the spirit of the team. Priyotsana is a perfect amalgam of adventure, thrill, and exploration.

Mobile Application DeveloperShubham Bhatt

“The Innovative Dexter”

The new but surely the most energetic brain of PredictionsForSucccess. Shubham is a surprise when it comes to giving new ideas or finding new ways of doing a conventional task. Shubham is a code lover and he really sweats ‘code’.

Speed and thrill are what make Shubham love his bike and you can find him exploring the unexplored. If he is not on his desk, don’t try to call, he must be in the wild and enjoying the camping with his friends.

Social Media ExpertAnshul

“The Trendsetter”

Anshul is an engineering graduate and a certified social media expert. Anshul is not just a follower but a market trendsetter and handles social media accounts for Predictions for Success. Coming from the valleys of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, he is a mountain lover. You can find him wandering in nature and playing with the dogs. He loves humming to songs and is a perfect entertainment package

Content WriterOjaswita

"The flower girl"

Ojaswita is a mighty healer with blossoming vines of joy keeping our workplace merry and sunny. She is doing her master’s in Psychology and wants to understand human cognition; helping lost spirits along the way. She has the world to explore from dusty solitary mountains to dingy city corners while she manages/creates content for PFS. For her, everyday turns out to be an amazing one and she drags most of us along with her.

Content WriterRoopali

"The dazzling star"

Roopali is the youngest writer of Predictions for Success. She choose writing after completing her Bachelorette in computer application. She is a smart learner with creative thoughts. Roopali is shy, obedient and confident girl. She likes to draw in her free time. She loves eating different cuisine. Her Unique and funny laughter makes her different from others.

Content WriterSneha

"Tenacious litterateur"
Taurus Aquarius Pisces

Sneha is an ardent writer by heart and an upcoming dentist by profession. She is an avid reader and is enthusiastic regarding music and art. Her interests lie in diverse history of art and culture. She is intrigued by museums and monuments just as much as by ocean and mountains. She is a writer, a painter, a singer and aspires to live a life cultivating her hobbies and interests.

Content WriterShivam


Shivam is a passionate writer and singer, professionally he is an engineer,his life revolves around creativity moreover he wants to entertain people with his voice and poetry throughout his life,a writer’s practice for writing is through reading, so he’s also an avid reader,apart from it he loves to play chess and visit the places where he could observe natural serenity.

Video DeveloperHimanshu


Himanshu is an upcoming engineer by profession and a video creator by passion. From capturing pictures and videos to edit them creatively, this is what lights up the spark inside him. His personality is always welcoming towards new opportunities and creative ideas. Apart from this, travelling, trekking, road-trip, clubbing, and music revolves around his life.

Creative HeadShubham


Subham is an visual designer. He has a background in cinematography and visual arts. He has a fondness for travelling. He has a knack of doodle art and combines his skills in his professional vocations. He strongly believes in understanding the audience before creating a design which allows him to connect to his audience.

Digital MarketerPratik Rajawadha

"The Wisdom Wizard"

Pratik is an Engineer by Profession and Digital marketing Expert by Passion. An Ambitious and result – driven individual with strong analytical and critical thinking, combined with a real world business world with creative problem solving skills with unique solutions. For over a year, Pratik has been a noteworthy leader in his teams. He is a smart learner with innovative thoughts. He is a smart, confident and positive minded team leader. When he is not busy with his work, you can find him in the kitchen, as he is a magnificent little Chef of his house.  

Social Media HandlerArjun

"One of a kind"
Hello this is my first post

A writer, blogger, philosopher, and a part-time poet. An IT guy degree but voyaging with his passion. Known as ” A problem solver ” and ” Bollywood Encyclopedia” among his friends. A certified digital marketer, super workaholic, creative, and hunger for learning. Trying to bring that “IT” factors in his work. You can find him feeding stray animals or drooling over novels, listening to music writing stuffs he doesn’t even know he needed.


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